August 8-11 2024 / Vigo, Rías Baixas, Galicia


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The MTB Downtown at O Marisquiño is one of the favorite events among spectators where thousands of action sports enthusiasts gather each year. Mountain bikes leave their natural environment to adapt to the city, swapping dirt for asphalt and rocks for sidewalk curbs. Various natural and artificial obstacles create a unique circuit in the world.


In 2022, a new route was inaugurated, an incredible downhill Mountain Bike race through the narrow and steep streets of the old town (casco vello) of Vigo, crossing the city's spine. Starting from the highest point of the urban center, a location chosen by the early Celtic settlers to establish the city's foundations, and finishing line at Plaza de O Berbés, the fishing district where maritime Vigo began its growth into an industrial hub.

Every year we push the boundaries further and enhance the modules so riders can descend faster and leave us even more amazed. If 2023 was thrilling, 2024 promises to be epic. The most emblematic streets of Vigo will once again feel the adrenaline of mountain biking. We have surprises prepared.


There are two competition categories, men and women, regardless of their license category, as long as they are cadets or older. There are 4 Warm-Up runs, followed by a qualifying run where cyclists descend one by one to stop the clock in the shortest time possible, determining the starting order (the best time starts last). The final round determines the winner based on the fastest descent time.


1 - €750

2 - €400

3 - €200

4 - €150

5 - €50


The entire downhill competition takes place on a single day. MTB DOWNTOWN is again the highlight on Saturday, August 10th. Warm-up runs start early in the morning. In the afternoon, the qualifying round takes place. After a short break, the final.

*Schedules are subject to change due to any major circumstances.


Registrations are open to male and female cyclists with a valid federative license from any official cycling federation in the Elite, Sub-23, Master-30, Master-40, Master-50, Master-60, Junior, and Cadet categories.

Registrations will open on O Marisquiño's website starting June 18th, priced at €40. Registrations from non-federated cyclists will not be accepted. A competitive federative license is required; a touring license is not valid.

The pre-registration period will be open until July 28th or until the 80 reserved spots are filled, which will be allocated to the first 80 registrants meeting the minimum participation requirements*.

Dorsal collection will take place on Saturday, August 10th at the finish line area (Praza do Berbés). From 8:45 to 09:15. No dorsal numbers will be issued after this time.