August 11-13 / Vigo, Rías Baixas, Galicia


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O Marisquiño brings back to Vigo the 3X3 basketball games with the FIBA 3X3 Lite Quest ​​and the O Marisquiño 3X3 Senior Women's. Bear in mind that the FIBA 3x3 Lite Quest ​​will be qualifying to compete in the next Challenger tournament in Eaubonne - France.

The selected teams will compete in a group stage before and after the final phase, so only one of them will get the ticket and the privilege to play at the next international level and win the tournament and the cash prize.

The O Marisquiño 3X3 Senior Women’s event, which was a great success in 2021, will have its second edition integrated into the same format of the event.

In both of the Senior disciplines, the official FIBA rules will apply, simple and designed to make 3x3 a frantic, spectacular and exciting game.

In 10 minutes you have to score 21 points; each basket is worth 1 point, inside the arc and 2 points, if it is from outside. The first team to score 21 points or more wins the game if it happens within 10 minutes. If, on the other hand, after ten minutes no team exceeds that mark, the one with the most points wins. In the event of a tie after ten minutes, there will be a one-minute break and extra time will be played until a team scores 2 points.

Another exciting news is this year’s location as Vialia will be the new venue for the 3x3 games. We will have food trucks and bars and of course, a DJ set with the best Hip Hop, Jazz and Funk music sessions by Dj Jas.

All this combined with the vibes and the energy of the competition you won’t want to miss out.


🏆 Senior Female Senior Male
1 1000€ 1000€ + Challenger 2022 tickets
2 500€ 500€

Do you want to play?

Registration: from June 15th to July 10th.

For registration information/questions: [email protected]

Pre-Registration Process: All registrations received within the pre-registration period from (June 15th to July 10th, both days included), will be reviewed and selected according to the criteria of the event organizers.

By July 15th all selected participants will be notified via their team Captain or 1st Player through e-mail and WhatsApp.


-All tournament participants must have a profile created and active on FIBA ​​- - with all data correctly filled in.

All the information regarding accreditations, equipment, welcome pack, etc. will be provided a few days before the tournament.

Cost and payment of registration:

Payment needs to be completed by July 10th, through the website (www.omarisquiñ, by credit card, in a single payment for each of the teams previously communicated and selected by the organization.

Senior Male: € 120

Senior Female: € 80