August 8-11 2024 / Vigo, Rías Baixas, Galicia
Battle Rap

Battle Rap

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O Marisquiño once again will have a freestyle competition in collaboration with Gallos del Norte (GN), the first regional initiative in this discipline that has a direct link with international organizations such as Urban Roosters, Gold Battle or Entredosuno, among others. In 2018 and 2022 OM already hosted a successful Battle event.

O Marisquiño is the ideal setting for a competition like this due its strong links with the urban culture. The Batallas or battles (confrontation between two rappers improvising on an instrumental basis) have become a massive phenomenon in recent years, very important for the lives of today's youth. Respect, unity, peace and love are some of the values that mark this discipline which also shares an audience with another discipline that has been present in the O Marisquiño program for years, Breaking, and which is once again part of the festival.


O Marisquiño will celebrate its 23rd edition with a wide array of activities throughout the city, projecting to the World a very diverse image of Vigo: vacation paradise and summer on Samil Beach with the Cíes Islands in the background, the harbor in the Nautical area, and historical and patrimonial thanks to the Castro Fortress and the Plaza del Berbés. An iconic and monumental image of Vigo will be added to these spaces: the new agora of Porta do Sol, which is where this global underground freestyle competition will be held.


On one hand there will be "The Art of Freestyle", a free improvisation tournament with a jury in which 16 Galician and national freestylers (selected by the Gallos del Norte team), will give free rein to their imagination. It is a different improvisation format, far from competitive battles, which is divided into three acts with different improvisation formats that will tell, as a background, the history of an urban artistic discipline that draws from the 80s in North American territory and of other ramifications such as the regueifa. As a conclusion, a final round will be held in which the freestyler who has done the best throughout the day will win.

We will also live the Final Qualifier of the Gold Battle Galicia Regional, a national and international tournament. On this last day, we will have about 70 participants (mostly Galician) who will have the opportunity to fight in a series of battles for 2 of the spots that give access to the Regional final. With some qualifying filters, 16th, eighth, quarter, semifinals and finals; 5 judges, a DJ and a speaker.

Lastly, the great Final of the Gold Battle Galicia 2023 Regional, from which the first and second freestylers will qualify for the National Final in Barcelona which, in turn, will give the winner access to the International Final. In this case, there will be a total of 32 qualifiers that will fight in duels that will go from 16th place to the grand final. There will be 5 judges, DJ and speaker again.


In addition to the aforementioned Final on Sunday, freestyle will have a great presence in O Marisquiño XXIII thanks to two more events. Also from the hand of Gallos del Norte, on Friday the 11th we will live an innovative freestyle exhibition that will welcome not only Galicians, but talents from other parts of the country who will come to enjoy the magic of improvisation. On Saturday the 12th we will have the Gold Battle Galicia Regional Qualifier, a massive open list tournament in which the last two spots for the Regional Grand Final on Sunday the 13th will be at stake.

*This program can be modified in the event of any force majeure circumstance such as the weather.


All pre-registrations received for the Gold Battle Galicia Regional Qualifier will be evaluated and selected according to the order in which they were received. The maximum number of registered participants will be 60. Those who register once all spots are filled will be placed on a waiting list, which will also follow the order of arrival. The accepted registrations will be contacted by the Gallos del Norte to provide access to the WhatsApp group where information about the procedure to participate in the competition on Saturday will be shared.