August 10-13 / Vigo, Rías Baixas, Galicia


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O Marisquiño was born in 2001 as a skate competition in the legendary Vigo skatepark, in O Castro. 22 editions later, a dozen disciplines accompany skateboarding at the festival, but skateboarding continues to be the essence and the star. And Since 2014 it’s part of the World Cup Skateboarding, becoming one of the main competitions in Europe both in Street and in Miniramp.


After a 2022 that left us unforgettable images of pure skateboarding by the sea, OM23 will remain on Samil beach. After almost two decades have passed since those editions of O Marisquiño in this iconic setting in the city of Vigo, OM22 made it possible to recover that special connection that in 2023 aims to be epic. Beach atmosphere, skate and the best views of the city.

From the OM Brigade we are working to improve the experience for skaters and the public, so a new larger and more comfortable space will be set up with additional services to spend three unforgettable days on the beach. If last year we occupied Parking 2, now the Skate Area moves to Parking 3, more central, larger and with even more spectacular views over the Cíes Islands.


Once again, O Marisquiño will host in Vigo the skateboarding competitions in the Open Street Men, Open Street Women and Miniramp categories, which, as its name indicates, are open to everyone and in turn will qualify for the legendary World Cup Skateboarding, which provides the regulations, the format and the judges. Registration gives access to the skatepark Thursday and Friday. Those classified in the Open will also be able to skate from Saturday.


WCS Street Men and Women

🏆 Prize
1 3000€
2 1500€
3 800€
4 400€
5 200€

WCS Miniramp

🏆 Prize
1 2000€
2 1000€
3 500€
4 250€
5 150€


August 10th-13th. This year the competition is extended for an extra day so it will already start on Thursday. Thuerday and Friday will be the Open contest and the WCSK8 invitational will be on Saturday and Sunday (based on the ranking of the World Cup and previous editions).

*These schedules can be modified in the event of any force majeure circumstance such as the weather.


All entries received will be evaluated and selected according to the criteria of the organization of the event and of the World Cup Skateboarding.

Until July 1st:

Miniramp & Street €30

Street €20

Mini ramp €15

Until August 1:

Miniramp & Street €35

Street €25

Mini ramp €20

Until August 9:

Miniramp & Street €50

Street €40

Mini ramp €30

Onsite Registration @ Verbum Museum (until 15:00 of Thursday 10th)

Av. Samil, 17, 36212 Vigo, Pontevedra

Miniramp & Street €60

Street €50

Mini ramp €40

Rules of participation