August 8-11 2024 / Vigo, Rías Baixas, Galicia
Dirt Jump

Dirt Jump

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The best dirt riders in the World will travel to Vigo to compete in this Gold FMB World Tour event - which there are only 5 in the world in this category- and delight the public with an incomparable spectacle in the dirt jumps built especially for the occasion.Also, the Airbag jump that the festival launched in the year before the pandemic returns once again to the program so that riders can show their craziest tricks in Best Trick Contest.


The MTB Dirt Jump comes loaded with news in OM23 and one of them is the new location. This event moves away from the traditional location that has seen it grow since it joined the festival in 2011, in Paseo de las Avenidas, and moves to Samil beach along with the other main disciplines of the Vigo festival. Its exact location will be on Avenida de Samil, from the Verbum Museum to the Hotel Attica. This way, the event will be held in a more comfortable space while at the same time contributing to show the landscape environment of the beach and the Cíes Islands to the world.


The riders drop in from the 12 meter high starting tower. To one side they’ll drop into the Best Trick contest jumping onto a soft landing made up of a giant Airbag of 6x4 meters. On the other side, the tower will be used for the best riders in the world to drop into the impressive dirt jump course in which they will use their repertoire of impossible tricks to try to get the best score from the jury (of 0 to 100) and win the Gold FMB World Tour contest and €15,000 in prizes.


🏆 Prize
1 6000€
2 4000€
3 2000€
4 1000€
5 500€
6 300€
7 200€
8 100€

Best Trick - 500€


August 11th - 13th, 2023. On Friday afternoon the action begins with the first training session in both Dirt Jump and Best Trick. On Saturday, also in the afternoon, warm-up and qualifying for the Dirt Jump to finish with more practice in the Best Trick. Sunday is finals day, also in the afternoon and towards the evening with the sunset in the background it will be the perfect time for the Best Trick and the prize giving ceremony.

*These schedules can be modified in the event of any force majeure circumstance such as the weather.