August 10-13 / Vigo, Rías Baixas, Galicia


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It all started as an exhibition during the first few years of the festival until it became a competition in 2007. Over these almost two decades, the Street Battle O Marisquiño has gone from being a national event to becoming one of the best international events. Not surprisingly, participants from all over Europe and South America have passed through the festival, as well as scene leaders as Poe One, Style Elements – Los Angeles. Teknyc, Skill Method – New York. Bboy Menno or Hutle kidz - Netherlands (winner of Red Bull BC One) have come to Vigo as judges of this competition.


Breaking, even as an exhibition, is one of the few disciplines that was incorporated before 2007, the year in which the full festival took place in the harbor area. This year is especially important because it is the return to the origins, where the Breaking discipline took its first steps in O Marisquiño. Once again in the most Galifornian environment, on Samil beach, where the mix of sun, beach and good music will make bboys and bgirls enjoy this event like never before. Breaking will be making its Olympic debut in Paris 2024.



This is the classic 3vs3 format and it has become one of the most recognized events in Europe. Like every year, the voting will be carried out by an American judge, a European judge and a Spanish judge. It is also important to note that the Street Battle O Marisquiño is an inclusive Street Battle in all its senses, there is no distinction between bboys and bgirls, nor adults or children.


1 - 1200€

2 - 600€

Best Bboy/Bgirl - 150€

Young promise - 100€


After the great response to the 1v1 format that debuted in 2021 with the participation of B-boys and B-girls from all over the world, the Break Point OM returns for a third time. Although this year voting will be left to the judges.


As for the prizes, they are not only for the winner, we also have prizes for all the qualifiers and finalists. For each round a dancer qualifies after the 16ths they will get €30 and so on until the final, where the winner will also take €200 for the last round. It is quite the challenge to get through every round to try and make it to the final.


On Friday we plan to open the space for the participants to test the stage by performing Cyphers and we will also have a Workshop with the judges for the contestants. On Saturday, it is the Break Point competition and the Filters and Round of 16 of the 3vs3. On Sunday, there will be the 1v1 finals and the final phase of the Street Battle.

*This program can be modified in the event of any force majeure circumstance such as the weather.


Pre-registrations will be made exclusively through the website by following the registration form. Once your pre-registration is confirmed, you will receive an email to proceed with the payment process and complete the registration.

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